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A good trainer must be capable of catalyzing and creating enthusiasm, he must be able to make your body’s cells perform a standing ovation! Living as though you were in a dream with your eyes open, a dream in which you are experiencing an exciting trip which takes you towards a goal you desire; celebrating the joy of victory and the accomplishment of that goal… Now there’s an experience that affects people and companies deeply, something that remains embedded in their culture and which allows them to experience attitudes that anticipate and prepare for future successes.

The Secrets to a Successful event:

Creating the Diapason Effect

This art is based on the concept of resonance. The diapason sends out a vibration a wave that the musical instrument then resonates with on that wave frequency.
The Trainer’s work, especially in the initial moments of the performance, which is the magical moment in which you reach out to everyone, what is known as the “icebreaker”, is entirely designed to throw down barriers. We don’t even know why, but we all walk around with all of our barriers. A good trainer who knows how to effectively use the Art of Smile Energy, will help to bring people out of their shells and remove their protective barriers.

In this way, the participant’s cells, whom by their very nature would vibrate joyfully, because we are programmed for joy, will do so again, retrieving their original purpose thanks to the trainer’s creating this emotion in them, concretely, thanks to a very positive emission of energy.  Their cells, that are no longer hiding behind their protective barriers because they have been removed, can now finally resonate with this good energy.

Create a Sense of Stupor

There is nothing better than a full house for this “magic” to occur, because even if one person in the public is not resonating with the same vibration, but everyone around him is on the same wavelength as the group, they are also eventually able to as well, to their own surprise and even amazement.

Create a current of Contagious Joy

This is how this contagious and revitalizing energy is created, and becomes exponential in a matter of minutes. It is the moment of attainment of the critical mass. When a large group vibrates on the same wavelength I also find myself vibrating that way, even if I do not exactly know why. The mass is extremely important.

We are so built up in our own mindsets and our barriers that it is very difficult to extract joy from these: because it isn’t enough to talk about it or suggest it. By momentarily destabilizing and shifting a person’s comfort zone, a few seconds are enough to create a crack in the wall, and new information can penetrate inside their cells, which can now respond.

Breaking down barriers with an Ancient Mechanism: Laughter from the Heart

The mechanism is about de-structuring and de-dramatizing in order to restore core values with regenerative methods.

Laughter Therapy, for instance, is base don a discipline called Laughter Yoga, which uses techniques for group contagious laughter without using gags, jokes or puns. An wide variety of exercises which free stagnant energy by stimulating the pleasure of join laughter, helping us to overcome and put a stopped to a closed-minded attitude opening us up to psychophysical state of wellbeing.  Laughter, as Freud said, is a mental sneeze that can free one’s mind and create a unity between mind and body, which is the key to health.

Stock up on Vitamins 😉

You could compare laughter therapy to a very strong dose of:

Vitamin C

C for: Creativity; Communication; Collaboration and Climate (of trust); Coordination within a team, a sprinkle of the Comical (a sense of humor and self-irony), the instruments for the management of Constant Change.

Vitamin E

E for: Enthusiasm; Energy; Expressiveness; Emotion; Empathy; Excellence

“There is no theory of laughter which is not a complete philosophy in itself and there is no complete philosophical theory which is not a theory of laughter: for every truth is a falsity if it is not accompanied by laughter.” ( F. Nietzsche)


Here are the benefits that no one who has tried can deny – Try it and you will see!

Immediate and long-lasting Benefits on Individuals and on Workgroups

The recreational-experiential type of approach develops new ways of approaching the world of work within the participant.  It opens new sensorial channels and opens up to new points of view, as well as renewing one’s energy that is experienced within the group, stimulating a better knowledge of the group itself, its reactions and itself.  Personal as well as professional growth, are affected positively. This happens in an atmosphere of work that is pleasant and can even laugh at itself, and avoid taking itself too seriously. This approach relieves the group of so much negative tension it allows one to let down one’s guard and embrace a state of increased “openness”.   

This is the pedagogical strength of simple movements we can experience in a conscious state of happiness instead of being stuck in the automatism of routine: it is our choice! 
Science has proven that smiling and laughter combined with certain experiences can illuminate parts of the brain, affecting deep areas of the subconscious, enabling alternative routes within the mind and the heart and accelerating the processes of innovation and change.

Exceptional effects on the Company as a Whole  

The company that decides to embrace this kind of experience, known as “Deep & Light” will be associated with situations and attitudes that evoke positivity, energy, playfulness, trust, humor and openness, a new way to confront one’s work and life in general, starting from the little everyday things.

A “Storm-mantra” is triggered in this way, working as an ANCOR and a symbol of harmony that marks the event.  This effect will endure in time, associating itself with w good experience, resurfacing from time to time, in our every day lives and especially in our workplaces.

An efficient and fun training (playing on a healthy sense of self-irony) which allows us to understand the importance, throughout the various occasions of daily life, to take the path of the heart, the one of ones positive and harmonious thoughts and emotions, which will have the effect of providing you with a giant leap in energy levels.

Recalling the event voluntarily will allow it to be fixed better in ones subconscious and one’s memory, having experienced them in an intuitive and experiential way, rather than simply a rational one.

How do the participants themselves react?

An immediate sense of Harmony is achieved from the very start of the performance, a harmony which will slowly develop throughout the Workshop into a genuine enthusiasm. This sensation will be of a definite change of atmosphere, of a giant leap forwards in terms of work climate and team spirit. It is often remarked upon afterwards by managers that notice “a healthy improvement of the overall atmosphere in group activities” in the days that follow, as well as in the entire period after that. The collective perception is that the intervention has aided greatly by providing an energy that was lacking. 

After the performance, there is usually a debriefing which follows, a moment when the participants describe what they experienced and comment on the use of the comical and recreational instruments.   

In this phase it is possible to perceive a real joint desire for the playful recreational mode to continue, it is perceived now as something that helps create positive change and helps to correct attitudes and closed-mindedness that are not beneficial to a work climate nor to the rapport between colleagues and external interlocutors. This approach is arrived at via strong emotional charges and is therefore retained in one’s memory.

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