gianni_ferrarioGianni Ferrario is a successful Italian actor and performer. In his role as a zen joker, Happiness Trainer delivers experiential workshops and energizing performances. He is an International trainer who can manage to involve participants by creating an exciting experience that brings happiness.

To achieve this, he makes use of techniques such as LAUGHTER THERAPY, choral singing, visualisation and concentration, vibrant and exhilarating interactive performances to the sound of captivating music. He has dedicated many years to the teaching and practice of disciplines that promote internal growth, harmony and creativity.

Gianni, who comes from a managerial background, also collaborates with a variety of institutions, such as theatres, schools, hospitals and other communities to deliver his pills of good humour and encourage a positive approach to life.

He works with International organizations. In his role as a corporate jester, he delivers experiential workshops and energizing performances as part of training initiatives, corporate events and conventions.

His experience with workshops and corporate theatre performance are a mix of show, stage and spiritual experience. They open people to new freedoms of expression, new powers of engagement, enthusiasm, co-operation, and new levels of self-awareness.

He has specialized in comic monologues in a language called Grammelot , that is a mix of dialects and invented words, strengthened by a very colorful body expressiveness, used by jesters of ancient times.

Gianni Ferrario’s method works because it is based on a very simple principle:


If our bodies are made to enact a positive routine, then our minds will follow suit:

the motion creates emotion


Knowledge rarely turns into energy unless it is immediately associated with our emotions, thus becoming an inner experience:

emotion  inner experience  knowledge  energy

The benefits of his approach include:

  • Using the universal language of laughter, humour and singing to trigger a regenerating response and give vent to creative resources;
  • Making it easier for people to relate to each other, by acting on the ‘vital sap’ of their deep interpersonal feelings;
  • Opening up new communication channels;
  • Creating empathy by removing barriers;
  • Helping people to accept each other, whilst respecting their individual identities;
  • Encouraging unconventional, ‘out-of-the-box’ approaches by generating new emotions and perceptions;
  • Creating a joyful, optimistic atmosphere that makes people feel good with themselves and with each other;
  • Helping people adopt a more joyful attitude in addressing their work and life issues.

He has published in Italy a book about his methodology (Ridere di Cuore  – Il potere terapeutico della risata (Laughing with all your heart: the therapeutic power of laughter) – Editore Tecniche Nuove – Milan (2006) and recently an eBook in English language LAUGH LOVE LIVE – You deserve a joyful life, in collaboration with Adolfo Panfili, Surgeon and Professor and Visiting Professor at several major Universities worldwide, as regards the scientific aspects.

He has also contributed chapters about the Corporate Jester Methodology to several Italian publications.

Gianni has also attended International seminars and workshops delivered by world-class experts and institutions, including the following: John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Michael Colgrass, Patch Adams, Madan Kataria, Guy Aznar, Hubert Jaoui and took part as “Presenter” at CREA Conference – The Annual Conference on Creative Problem Solving, Creatitity & Innovation.

He plays interventions teaching in Universities and Public Istitutions in Italy

Gianni Ferrario’s main clients include the following:

Clienti e Partners


Receive Now the 36 Free Happiness Pills in Video!

Receive Now the 36 Free Happiness Pills in Video!
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